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Corporate Carbon Performance Assessment

Thanks for your interest in our corporate carbon performance assessment tool. The assessment is conducted as part of a project financed by the Mistra foundation.

To access the carbon performance assessment tool you need a token. If you have received a token you can click here to access the tool. If you would have not received a token but would like to receive a token send an email to with the subject line “Token”.

Please click on the picture above to proceed to the survey.

Despite recent standardization efforts such as the Global Reporting Initiative or the Carbon Disclosure Project, the availability and quality of CO2-performance data still varies significantly. In particular, this applies to the scope of the data that are reported, i.e. the extent to which a company’s operations are covered by the emissions it reports. However, for meaningful performance assessments it is essential to know the exact scope the environmental performance data refer to. The corporate carbon performance assessment tool addresses this by asking questions about the scope of the emissions that you report.

We are very much aware that some companies do not know their CO2-emissions but track their energy data. The tool covers the use and production of energy for these companies.

For respondents that have all the information readily available filling in the information should take no more than 10 minutes. Respondents can save their responses at any time and come back later to complete the questionnaire.

Our research time can be contacted by calling +46 (0)850 638 369 or by email at For more information on our contribution to the Mistra project "Sustainable Investments and the Sustainable Company" please click here.


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